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Are Online Website Builders Good For Business?

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web-builderAs a business owner considering their options for a website it can seem that the choice is nothing short of startling, not to mention sometimes bewildering.

From freelancers to large web design agencies and from self-created websites to those created through one of the many website builders.

Because of this choice we know that it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed, so we thought we’d spell out the pros and cons between using a web design agency and using one of the many website builder platforms.

So, what’s out there?

It seems that the selection of website builders continues to grow, but the question is whether they’re any good. Some of the main ones include Wix, Weebly and Squarespace and by looking at these generally we can get a glimpse into some of their strengths, as well as their limitations.

How cheap?!

Let’s start with the number one reason why website builders most certainly do have a place in the market: and that is budget. Website builders can cost nothing at all, with Wix even providing a free domain name for an entire year, and of course as you’re designing it yourself you aren’t paying for professional design services. That said the world of web design is most certainly a misleadingly complex one and guiding your user through your website and over to making a purchase or contacting you is far from easy. It takes years to finely hone user journey skills

Timing is everything

Even the most simplistic looking of websites can still take a considerable time to create and you really need to consider this when weighing up the cost of a ‘free’ website.

Little quirks

Just as with any technology, each of these platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses and because of this each of the website builder platform may come with a few quirks that you may otherwise be unaware of. Take Wix, for example, this platform seems to be far more precise than Weebly and you are more likely to move an element on your website page or rearrange it entirely if you don’t pay attention to every little move and click that you make. Squarespace on the other hand tends to be more robust than both Weebly and Wix and can handle even the most novice of users (the quirk is then that the design possibilities are relatively restrictive).

In short there is no substitute for bespoke web design services; one to one professional help will inevitable create a better quality and a more immersive user experience. That said, the collection of website builder programmes do have a place in the market (as is clear from the many millions of websites that they produce). Most certainly then these can serve the smaller of businesses well with websites that act as basic, but shiny, looking online brochures.

Going past this however, the input of a professional who can truly lead your visitor from first click to contact form or product purchase and as such their skills should be thought of as invaluable.

Is Mobile The Future?

Posted on by your website ready for mobile users? Does your business have an app? Do you even know? If the answer to these questions is either a ‘no’ or a ‘don’t know’ then you are undoubtedly losing business. You may ask how we know this, or already have preconceived ideas as to the (un)importance of a mobile ready website or mobile app. However we have some shocking stats for the business owner who hasn’t caught onto the mobile trend and here we explain why mobile apps and websites, and importantly mobile marketing, aren’t just the future, but the essential here and now that must be capitalised upon.

The Nonstop Shift Towards Mobile 

Google has recently reported that 67% of users are more likely to purchase from a website if it’s optimised for mobiles. What’s more 50% of people said that even if they knew and liked the business, that they’d be less likely to purchase from them if the website wasn’t designed for mobile browsing (Google 2012).

What This Means For Business Owners

If you think that these figures may not apply to you as a small to medium, locally based company then consider this: 50% of local searches are undertaken on mobiles (Microsoft, 2011) and by 2016 it is thought that mobile searches will surpass PC searches for such searches (Reach Local).

4 Tips To Make The Most Of The Mobile Opportunity

1. Ensure that your website is responsive

The number one point that you must follow is ensuring that your website is completely adaptive to mobile screens. This means that images and text will adapt to fit the screen (rather than appearing too small to view or read) and elements such as your phone number will be callable directly from the user’s phone. A professional web design agency can help assess where your website is at right now and advise you on the costs involved in a redesign.

2. Make sure your SEO is capitalising on spoken searches

With more and more people moving to local searches through their mobile, Google has made some pretty important changes in relation to a website’s ‘worthiness’. This means that, as well as understanding ‘traditional’ SEO, the content on your website must be optimised for users who are using the Google ‘Voice Search’, which consequentially means that you can capitalise on the differences between such searches and the traditional forms of searching.

For example, whilst PC users may type: “Local Plumber”

Mobile users may search Google by saying: “Find me a Local Plumber”

3. Factor mobile users into your PPC campaign

If you use Pay per Click advertising then don’t forget about mobile users in your strategy. This can see you driving mobile users directly to certain pages and don’t forget that you can modify your adverts to factor in device, time, and even geography.

4. Promote your mobile ready website through QR codes

Once you have a shiny new website that looks great on mobile devices it’s now time to market it. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to feature a QR code (a Smartphone scannable bar code that leads directly to your website) on all of your marketing materials.

Most industry experts agree that mobile represents a huge opportunity, and not just for big businesses. So make sure you’re looking to the future and see how mobile can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Your Next Tablet?

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There are those that love the iPad, and then those that have been waiting for one of the other manufacturers to come up with a decent alternative. The Nexus and Samsung tablets are pretty decent, but with the new Xperia Z2 it looks like Sony is really getting its act together.

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