Is Mobile The Future?

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www.BixaMedia.comIs your website ready for mobile users? Do you even know? If the answer to these questions is either a ‘no’ or a ‘don’t know’ then you are undoubtedly losing business. You may ask how we know this, or already have preconceived ideas as to the (un)importance of a mobile ready website. However we have some shocking stats for the business owner who hasn’t caught onto the mobile trend and here we explain why mobile and mobile marketing isn’t just the future, but the essential here and now that must be capitalised upon.

The Nonstop Shift Towards Mobile 

Google has recently reported that 67% of users are more likely to purchase from a website if it’s optimised for mobiles. What’s more 50% of people said that even if they knew and liked the business, that they’d be less likely to purchase from them if the website wasn’t designed for mobile browsing (Google 2012). Continue reading

How IT Can Double Your Business Performance

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New advances in information technology in the areas of cloud computing, mobility, and unified communications are giving big businesses a competitive advantage. These advantages can be used even by small businesses.

If you’re a business owner looking to make your enterprise operate more efficiently, this video helps as a primer on how you can use the latest information technology.

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Your Next Tablet?

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There are those that love the iPad, and then those that have been waiting for one of the other manufacturers to come up with a decent alternative. The Nexus and Samsung tablets are pretty decent, but with the new Xperia Z2 it looks like Sony is really getting its act together.

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